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Group Healing Program

A 12 week creative healing journey towards your best self.

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Welcome to our community.

Health challenges are complex and require more than generic solutions.

Understanding the unique aspects of our individual well-being, this program was created to go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach

Join us and embark on an empowering journey, where your wellness goals are supported by an accountable community dedicated to lasting transformations.

Address Root Causes

Throughout the Group Healing Program, we address the root causes of health challenges, heal through awareness, and guide you toward holistic daily wellness.

Get Tailored Solutions

Acknowledging the limitations of generic health advice, we offer a more comprehensive approach that's tailored to your needs.

Don't let discomfort disrupt your growth!

Common Symptoms and Conditions

Transcending the trauma.

The Group Healing Program targets a variety of common health issues, providing a personalized approach to help you overcome today's common health challenges, including:

Digestive Discomfort

Are bloating, gas, or irregular bowel movements causing distress?

Low Energy Levels

Struggling with persistent fatigue and a lack of vitality?

Mood Swings

Finding it challenging to maintain emotional balance?


Stress-Related Issues

Tackle the impact of stress on your gut and overall well-being.

Low Immunity

Strengthen your immune system for enhanced overall health.

Brain Fog

Experiencing unclear thinking or difficulty concentrating?


A message from our founder.

Meet Dr. Gina

"Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our community! Unlike generic wellness programs, the Group Healing Program focuses on real personalization through compassionate guidance. From dietary recommendations to exercise regimens, nutritional supplements, mindset training, hormone and peptide recommendations, every aspect is tailored to the individuals within the program, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your body's intricate balance.

The goal is not only to provide instant relief (though that is known to happen often in my practice), but to offer a creative strategy that combines well-established pharmacologic methods with regenerative approaches. This approach ensures that your journey is not just about managing symptoms, but lays the foundation for a lifetime of well-being, success and joy." ~ Dr. Gina

What's included in the Group Healing Program?

Program Overview

Through structured support and guidance, we've included all the elements needed to elevate your soul and remain in a flow-state for optimal health, including:

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Orientation and Goal Setting

Kick off the 12-week journey by setting personal health goals in a supportive environment.

Weekly Group Calls

Led by Dr. Gina, engage in interactive discussions on various wellness topics and leading edge biohacking tips.

Support Chatroom

Stay connected with a like-minded community for daily support and interaction.

Expert Guidance

Learn from renowned health and wellness experts including Dr. Gina and surprise guest speakers.

Progress Tracking

Receive feedback and recommendations through progress monitoring to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Tailored insights

Tailored insights based on individual health goals. Optional add-ons available for a further personalized experience.

Unlocking transformation, one week at a time.

Program Breakdown

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  • Orientation with Dr. Gina to grasp the program's structure, discuss expectations, and discover the dedicated support at your disposal. Establish personal health and wellness goals while connecting with the community.

    Week 1

    Orientation and Goal Setting

  • Each week addresses crucial health aspects like personal nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep optimisation, and more. Engage in Q&A sessions, share your experiences, receive expert guidance and track your achievements.

    Weeks 2-11

    Weekly Group Calls

  • Reflect on lessons learned. Get personalized feedback based on your individual experience and condition. Acknowledge progress made, celebrate achievements to date, and set future wellness goals to continue your wellness journey.

    Week 12

    Reflection and Celebration

Elevate your knowledge. Empower your health.

Key Learnings

Here's a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge and transformative insights you'll acquire through the Group Healing Program, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being:

Immune System Support

Understand how to strengthen your immune system for robust overall health.

Hormone Balance Insights

Navigate the complexities of hormonal health with personalized guidance.

Nutrition for Individual Needs

Tailor your nutrition based on your unique health goals and requirements.

Stress Management Strategies

Equip yourself with practical tools to manage and reduce stress effectively.

Sleep Optimization Techniques

Discover effective techniques for achieving restful and restorative sleep.

Biohacking Insights

Implement personalized biohacking tips based on your individual health goals.

EMF Exposure Reduction

Learn practical strategies to minimize exposure to the electromagnetic fields that many of us are exposed to.

Dysbiosis Reversal

Gain insights into reversing imbalances in your gut microbiota for improved digestive health.

Dr. Gina created the Group Healing Program in response to the modern challenges of her patients.

What sets this program apart?

"Spend 10 minutes on Instagram and you're going to be confronted with all kinds of content about how to get healthy. Many of my patients have tried all of these different things they watch, but are not seeing the results they want. This is why you have to get real personal. There isn't a one size fits all health solution. Fasting might be ideal for one patient, but not for another who has issues with blood sugar stabilization. You may find that the foods that you thought were harmful for you are not so harmful, or the diet that you thought was ideal for you isn't actually ideal because it's compromising your sleep, which is affecting your hormones, which is making it so you don't lose weight even though you're fasting.  The same thing is true for nutritional supplement use. Should you take hormones? Should you not take hormones? That's one of the differentiators with this program, offering a personalized treatment plan for every person that's involved, and guiding them through it every step of the way." ~ Dr. Gina

Join the individuals who have experienced positive, lasting transformations through Dr. Gina's guidance.

Real Stories, Real Results

  • My niece had systemic issues with her ears. Had a lot of infections, and doctors wanted to do surgery and put tubes in her ears. Dr. Gina was able to solve the issue without surgery. In fact, she found out that my niece just had an allergy to dairy. She will actually design formulas specifically for you and I think that's why she has such great results. She's unbelievably intuitive when it comes to treating her patients and very sensitive to their needs.

    Stephen B.

    Patient Testimonial

  • I was going through a very hard time. My mother was very ill, and I was just a mess all the way around. I'd never been told to go to a naturopath before. Once I met Dr Gina, I couldn't believe that there were natural ways to turn things around. The things that we discovered about me were shocking. She helped get all those things balanced and turned my life around. Dr. Gina is just an absolute angel who became my friend.


    Patient Testimonial

  • What Dr. Gina does is provide a path to improve your health. If you're committed to do the work and make the commitment, then it works. If you're looking for a doctor just to give you a pill and walk away, then that's not going to work. For me, I look at it as an investment in your body. Her approach is holistic and not just using pharmaceuticals to cover the massive problem, but understanding underlying issues for long-term health versus short-term gain.

    Javier M.

    Patient Testimonial

  • I would say the one thing about Dr. Gina is that she's so smart. I know that she has done the research, and I trust her. She also recommends things that are just common day to day, like some tea or flaxseed oil. Not just things that you have to inject or a pill or a vitamin, just day to day things that make a difference.  Thank you, Dr. Gina. You're the best. I always love to come see you because it's such a positive experience, and you're so warm and caring. 


    Patient Testimonial

  • I was my late 50's when I met Dr. Gina. I've always been pretty athletic and felt I needed something alternatively to feel as good as I felt in my thirties. My wife found Dr. Gina and I happen to think she's just an uber bright physician. There's pretty much nothing she doesn't know or isn't willing to find out. She has a very holistic approach, non invasive approach. She's always been willing to make accommodations for us, which we greatly appreciate.

    Carl F.

    Patient Testimonial

  • My experience with Dr. Gina was 5 star. She knew much about my physical, emotional, mental and dare I say, spiritual health. She was professional, science based, yet what impressed me the most was her intuition and perceptive “read” of my entire being. I learned was how deeply our mental, emotional and spiritual health affect the physical. Truly I can say my experience with Dr. Gina was life changing, and the healing of all of those four has been permanent.


    Patient Testimonial

  • I trust Dr. Gina’s advice over any medical specialist out there. She put me on a detoxification protocol with supplements and dietary guidelines. The results were astonishing. I had the energy of a child, my skin looked incredible and I felt connected to my body. Second, my infant son was breaking out with rashes to the point of bleeding. Dr G. discovered some severe food allergies and within days my son’s rash was healed. Her research is DECADES beyond most medical doctors.


    Patient Testimonial

  • “As a result of working with Dr Gina, I have been in excellent health. She has taught me how to live a healthy life through a forward holistic approach. Dr Gina has introduced me to new ways of restoring my youthful energy, strengthening my weakest organs and glands,and bringing hormonal function to perfect balance. The number of my age has become irrelevant. Its about having young energy. My daughter said I am aging backwards!


    Patient Testimonial

  • Within weeks and extensive labwork, Dr. Gina identified the medical issues I have been ‘living with’ for 10 years and prescribed treatment. For the first time feel hopeful that real change will occur. Dr. G also saw my 13 year old daughter for a painful and re-occuring condition that experts could not resolve. She prescribed a supplement and within 24 hours my child was pain free and her symptoms decreased. We are so grateful!!


    Patient Testimonial

  • Both members of my immediate and extended family have been surprised out how emotionally stable I have been handling my mother’s passing. I attribute the emotional stability to Dr Gina's program, especially the compounded amino acid and vitamin mineral blend powders. I also hope that one day my dad and my brother will commit to her program because I firmly believe that she has the ability to really help them.


    Patient Testimonial

  • I was diagnosed with heavy metal radioactive poisoning. Dr Gina proposed a naturopathic detox regimen to cleanse my eliminatory pathways and balance my system. With Dr. Gina’s guidance and care, I have recovered my health and vitality to a degree that I had not thought possible. She is a rare combination of knowledgeable expert and compassionate healer, who is absolutely dedicated to helping you optimize your health and well-being.


    Patient Testimonial

  • I was diagnosed as a Manic Depressive, along with being a alcoholic with a cocaine problem.  I took lithium for 30 years but still continued to have bouts of depression. I started Dr Gina's ‘5 Step Program’ I have to tell you how good I feel mentally and physically.  I am so happy to feel good and I have to tell you how much you have changed my life. I feel indebted to you. You are what I consider a real Doctor to be.”


    Patient Testimonial

  • Last Spring I began to feel run down. My energy level was low, and I had trouble participating in my everyday life. Dr. Gina’s scientific approach enabled her to uncover my trouble spots and restore my natural equilibrium. As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, she employs nature to remedy ailments. She is a great listener and understands the subtle complexities of what it takes to restore and maintain a balance between body, mind, and Spirit.


    Patient Testimonial

  • I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. I tried most of the medications out there, often in a cocktail, but the side effects were unmanageable. I came to Dr. Gina to switch from pharmaceuticals to natural medicine. She recommended a total body cleanse and I noticed changes immediately after. I no longer have any joint pain and my thinking is clear again. I feel very hopeful for the first time that I may soon have a life without any bipolar symptoms.


    Patient Testimonial

  • I started to have periodical break outs on my face and night sweats. Conventional blood tests showed nothing wrong with me. Dr. Gina listened, examined my medical history, and gave me some suggestions. The more I tried her suggestions, the better I felt. I got more energy and learned much about my body. Dr. Gina is an engaging, attentive and compassionate person. She made me comfortable enough that I could discuss my problems with her candidly.


    Patient Testimonial

Still have questions about the Quarterly Group Healing Program?

Visit our FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Goal-Setting and Reflection Sessions
  • Progress Tracking and feedback for motivation
  • Toxicity Questionnaire and Assessment
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Payment Plan

Dr Gina's Group Healing Program


+ 2 Additional Monthly Payments of $436

✨ 12 Week Program Includes:

  • 12 Weekly Group Sessions
  • 12 Structured Modules with Personalized Health Advice
  • 24/7 Support Chatroom for real-time support
  • Goal-Setting and Reflection Sessions
  • Progress Tracking and feedback for motivation
  • Toxicity Questionnaire and Assessment
  • “Radiant You” Guide to Hormones and Beautiful Skin

🎁 PLUS Special Bonuses:

  • 25% OFF Dr. Gina’s Supplement Bundle.
  • Free “Guide to Peptide Therapy.”
  • Free “Power of Glutathione” download.
  • Optional Personalization Add-Ons through medical visits or peptides.
  • Exclusive Invitation to Continued Support

Key Benefits

By joining the Group Healing Program, you're not only resolving immediate health concerns but gaining lifelong tools to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Explore the depths of holistic wellness and empower yourself with a transformative change.

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Q&A Sessions

Community, Connection, and Expert Guidance

Supportive Environment

Engage in a vibrant community of participants, share insights, and receive expert guidance in a safe group setting. All participants are encouraged to ask questions, receiving personalized responses that benefit the entire group. This approach fosters connections, mutual support, and deep transformational results.

Dedicated Chatroom

A dedicated online chatroom for participants to interact and support each other. Daily engagement is encouraged.

Interactive Discussions

Q&A sessions and the sharing of experiences. Dr. Gina provides expert guidance, tips, and resources.

Different paths, same destination.

Connect with Wellness Allies

Networking and Bonding

Build connections with a diverse group like-minded individuals on a shared wellness journey. Enjoy real-time assistance and support, regardless of time zones.

Accountability Partners

Forge partnerships for mutual encouragement and goal attainment.

Celebrating Success Together

Share achievements and milestones with a loving community.

Common Pain Points

Overcoming Your 'Challenges'

Addressing the blockages that individuals often face on their wellness journey is the first step towards true transformation. Click on a challenge below that you currently struggle with.

The program includes dedicated strategies for stress management and preventing burnout.

Dr. Gina emphasizes personalized biohacking insights tailored to individual health goals and challenges.

The Group Healing Program offers a 24/7 support chatroom, fostering a sense of community and real-time support.

Recognizing the time constraints individuals face, the program introduces weekly accountability calls. These calls provide a structured routine, alleviating the stress of managing multiple responsibilities. 

Accessibility is a key feature of the program, providing substantial cost savings compared to traditional in-person consultations over a twelve-week period.

Remember, YOU are the HERO of your healing journey.

Our expectations of you.

Not just talking, but walking the path to wellness.

Commitment to Weekly Calls

Attend live or catch up with recordings.

Active Chatroom Participation

Engage, share experiences, and seek advice.

Openness to Sharing

Contribute to the community by sharing progress and challenges.

Your Trusted Guide

About Dr. Gina

Dr. Gina is a renowned California and Hawaii licensed Naturopathic Physician with over 20 years of experience in integrative medicine, detoxification, hormone treatments, and addiction recovery. She is the President Emeritus of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association and the Founder of HealthBridge Newport in Newport Beach, CA.

As an internationally respected figure in the field, Dr. Gina combines academic excellence with a passion for natural healing in her roles as a Physician Spokesperson for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the American College for Advancement in Medicine. As an accomplished author, entrepreneur, and featured television expert, Dr. Gina has shared her insights on platforms like the cable show Fine Living Network (HGTV) and PBS.

She has educated over 11,000 healthcare professionals on topics such as natural hormone balance, fertility, detoxification therapies, and mental health treatments, focusing on achieving consistent results without unnecessary medications and side effects. Through this Quarterly Group Healing Program, Dr. Gina extends her transformative approach to a broader audience, offering personalized biohacking insights, direct community support, and a holistic framework for optimal health. 

Addressing Current Health Challenges

Tailored Care for Your Needs

Leveraging Dr. Gina's extensive knowledge and practical experience, the Group Healing Program addresses a diverse range of health challenges, including:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Dr. Gina's approach to ADD involves a multifaceted strategy, considering factors such as nutrition, neurotransmitter balance, and lifestyle modifications to support optimal brain function.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

For individuals on the autism spectrum, Dr. Gina provides individualized plans focusing on dietary interventions, detoxification, and addressing underlying factors contributing to ASD symptoms.

Autoimmune Disorders

Dr. Gina specializes in autoimmune disorders, offering integrative solutions that address the immune system, gut health, and inflammatory responses to promote overall well-being.

Bipolar Disorder

A holistic approach to bipolar disorder includes considerations of nutritional imbalances, neurotransmitter function, and lifestyle factors to support mood stability.

Depression & Anxiety

Addressing mental health challenges involves personalized strategies, encompassing nutritional support, hormonal balance, and stress management techniques.


Comprehensive care for fibromyalgia includes a focus on reducing inflammation, optimizing nutrient status, and addressing factors contributing to pain and fatigue.

Heart Disease

For heart health, Dr. Gina emphasizes lifestyle modifications, nutritional support, and targeted interventions to address underlying contributors to cardiovascular issues.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Detoxification protocols are tailored to address heavy metal toxicity, considering individual susceptibility and promoting safe elimination of metals from the body.

High Cholesterol

A personalized approach to high cholesterol involves dietary interventions, nutritional support, and lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal lipid balance.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalances are addressed through personalized hormone balancing approaches, considering individual needs and factors contributing to imbalance.


For individuals struggling with infertility, Dr. Gina provides comprehensive assessments, addressing nutritional, hormonal, and lifestyle factors affecting fertility.

Menopausal Symptoms

Menopausal support includes personalized strategies to address hormonal changes, nutritional needs, and overall well-being during this life transition.


A personalized plan for obesity includes dietary guidance, lifestyle modifications, and addressing factors contributing to weight management challenges.

Postpartum Depression

Holistic support for postpartum depression encompasses nutritional strategies, hormonal balance, and emotional well-being to aid in recovery.

Pre and Post Operative Care

Individualized care for pre and post-operative stages involves optimizing nutritional status, hormonal balance, and supporting the body's healing processes.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Dr. Gina's approach to PMS includes addressing hormonal fluctuations, nutritional support, and lifestyle modifications to alleviate symptoms.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

For rheumatoid arthritis, integrative solutions focus on reducing inflammation, optimizing immune function, and promoting joint health.

Thyroid Disorders

For thyroid disorders, Dr. Gina provides personalized plans addressing hormonal balance, nutritional support, and factors influencing thyroid function.

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Testimonials from the doctors Dr. Gina has trained.

What the experts are saying...

  • “One of the best, most comprehensive CE’s on a topic that I have ever attended. Great educator who must be a great practitioner!”

  • “Thank you for this terrific session!…Informative Lecture….Excellent….Wow! Your speakers keep getting better and better.”

  • “Would love to see more programs with Dr. Gina – so interesting – she is GREAT!”

  • Please get Dr. Gina back often. She’s excellent.

  • “The best one on this [Live Continuing Medical Education] website.”

  • “Excellent presentation! a lot to cover in 1.25hrs!”

  • “I learned a great deal.”

  • Best program I have EVER attended! 

  • What a blessing to have well informed practitioners!!! We need help informing the MD population!

Answer to your Questions

FAQ Section

Learn more about the transformative possibilities of Dr. Gina's Quarterly Group Healing Program.

Dr. Gina's program stands out due to its personalized approach. Unlike generic wellness programs, this initiative offers tailored solutions for individuals, addressing their unique health challenges and goals. The focus on real-time interaction during group healing calls ensures that participants receive personalized insights, fostering a dynamic and supportive community.

The program spans 12 weeks, covering various aspects of holistic wellness. Participants engage in weekly group calls, access a dedicated support chatroom, and receive personalized guidance to address individual health goals.

Dr. Gina's program is designed for real and sustainable results. The timeframe for seeing improvements may vary based on individual circumstances and health goals. Participants often report positive changes during the program, with the personalized approach maximizing the potential for noticeable improvements in various aspects of well-being.

The program includes personalized biohacking insights, a 24/7 support chatroom, weekly accountability calls, a holistic wellness focus, stress management strategies, transparent progress tracking, exclusive resources, surprise elements, and optional add-ons for personalization.

The program covers a diverse range of topics beyond physical health. From personal nutrition to emotional well-being, participants receive guidance on stress management and various aspects contributing to overall wellness. Dr. Gina's comprehensive approach ensures that the program addresses a spectrum of health challenges, providing holistic support for individuals on their wellness journey.

Dr. Gina's program includes personalized biohacking insights aligned with participants' individual health goals and challenges. This feature goes beyond generic advice, offering tailored solutions that resonate with each participant's unique needs. The emphasis on personalization ensures that recommendations are specific to individual circumstances, maximizing the effectiveness of the program.

The program features a dedicated chat room community where participants can share experiences, seek advice, and connect with others on their wellness journey. This community aspect combats feelings of isolation and provides real-time support. Participants can engage in discussions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support within the program.

Yes, the program is designed to address a wide array of health challenges. Dr. Gina provides specialized services for various health concerns, including autoimmune disorders, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, and more. The personalized approach ensures that individuals with specific health concerns can benefit from tailored strategies within the program.

Recognizing the time constraints individuals face, the program introduces weekly accountability calls. These calls provide a structured routine, alleviating the stress of balancing work, personal life, and self-care. Participants can engage in these calls, gaining valuable insights and guidance. The weekly accountability calls ensure consistent support and guidance throughout the program.

Stress and burnout are tackled through structured routines, accountability calls, stress management weeks, and continuous support in the dedicated chatroom. The program aims to create a supportive community to alleviate feelings of isolation.

Yes, the program addresses cognitive health issues such as foggy thinking, poor memory, and stress reactions. Dr. Gina provides insights and strategies to support cognitive well-being through personalized recommendations.


Yes, participants have the option to include personalized nutrient packs, medical visits, and peptide protocols based on their individual needs and preferences.

The program is designed to be accessible to individuals nationwide, allowing participation from anywhere in the country. Dr. Gina emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of the program compared to traditional in-person consultations over a twelve-week period. This accessibility ensures that individuals can benefit from the program's transformative experience without geographical constraints.

To join the Quarterly Group Healing Program and embark on your wellness journey, sign up before the program kick-off on February 12th, 2024.

For additional inquiries or specific questions about the program, you can reach out to Dr. Gina by emailing patientcare@drgina.com.

Because this product contains digital components with instant access, it is considered used upon purchase. As such it is non-refundable.

Don't let discomfort, stress, or unresolved health issues hold you back.

Elevate your experience for a lifetime by addressing root causes.

Join a community of like-minded individuals, benefit from personalized insights, and experience the transformative power of holistic natural healing.

Secure your spot today. Registration Ends February 12, 2024.

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Personalized Wellness

Tailored solutions for your unique health goals and challenges.

Community Support

Connect with wellness allies in our supportive community.

Expert Guidance

Gain valuable insights from Dr. Gina and her guest speaker's expert wellness advice.


The content on this website and in this program is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to give medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and is not a substitute for medical or professional care. We have gathered information here so that you can make an informed decision in partnership with your health care provider.

No statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product mentioned or described on this site or in this program is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.